Specialist graphic design for science researchers

Figure Design

Whether you need your graphs clearing up or a custom visualisation of a complex concept, our scientifically trained designers will craft your figures to make your research stand out.

Scientific Illustration

Submit a beautiful graphic with your paper to push it to the journal cover, or let us take a unique approach to conveying your findings visually. Make your research beautiful.

Data Visualisation

Great data visualisation requires a deep understanding of the data and unfaltering design abilities. We fuse a scientific approach and creative spirit to create stunning information graphics.

Science Branding

A strong visual identity is crucial in the hunt for funding and recognition. From logo design to website set-up and print publication production, we will craft your initiative’s brand identity.

Scientific precision, untamed creativity

About us

Pretty Smart is a London based design agency specialising in science communication. Established in 2011 by Anthony LewisPretty Smart aims to make research more easily understood. Beautiful science for greater impact.


Visual representations of research are a crucial aspect of both the research process itself, and its communication. A carefully crafted graphic can lead you through the data and concepts in a way that words cannot.


We come from a scientific background, and are uniquely placed to understand your work and translate it into something beautiful. Whether you want your images touching up for publication perfection, an illustration to accompany your research, or tailor-made figures sculpting, we can help bring your research to life. Want to know more? Get in touch today.


We offer very affordable rates, and are used to dealing with projects of all sizes, from one small graph to a whole thesis’ figures. Let us know the details of what you’re looking for today and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Email: hello[at]prettysmart.info